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    Ian R

    Great, but I travel between countries a great deal, usually no more than a month, and when I change countries I change sim cards, sometimes the same, sometimes a new sim card. So how much trouble will I have keeping track of my 2-step verification? More than I would like, I suspect.

    What if I lose my phone?

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    Ramsey French

    I'm a little old fashioned.  I don't have an irrational need to be in constant contact with people.  Thus I have no mobile phone.

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    Thank you very much for sharing your concerns with us. Please let us tell you that you can use an app for the verification that is installed on your phone so you can change your SIM cards easily. If you lost your phone you can simply select a different application password for a new phone in the system. 


    No problem at all, please select the email as the mode of the verification then.

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    David Baird

    I have tried to set up this 2-step process and failed. In your example above after clicking 'visit my account' you say to then click on devices. But my page doesn't have devices as a middle heading, rather it's account security referrals. I clicked on security and got to a page to add the extra security and this page show the only linked device, my PC.

    I did try this anyway and ended up only getting an option to install an authenticator app on my mobile device. I picked android for my phone, installed the app, but then had trouble with not having a QR scanner. It said no scanner? and gave an option to type a long code into the authenticator, which I did. Now I have the app giving 6 digit codes that last a minute each but don't work when I type them into where it asks for a code.

    I would like to just use this phone method, as it is what I use for my gmail account and I'm familiar with it. Why don't I see the setup you show here that sets up my mobile phone? I attach a .jpg to show how my page appears

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    This is a welcome option, but why do you advise me to unlink my devices beforehand (they are all trusted devices, and all with me now), and can I use 1Password (which now supports TOTP authentication) instead of being obliged to download yet another app (Google Authenticator)?

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    Brian Pallozzi

    I use the VIP 2-factor authentication from Symantec at my banks, PayPal, and brokerage.  Perhaps you can allow us to use something that *doesn't* come from Google?

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