Make files inaccessible when Tresorit is not logged in




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    This is how i initially thought it would work, which would allow me to not worry about private files on a computer I no longer have access to.

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    Anupam Dalmia

    Yup, this will add more layers of security.

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    Andrew McGlashan

    Yes, local files need to be encrypted ON the client, with access only being open to those files when you are actually logged in -- at least in the Tresor directories.

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    For the time being you can use something like TrueCrypt (which is free). it adds an additional step but keeps the data encrypted on the drive as a single file that must be mounted as it's own directory.

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    S. Langer

    Yes, this would be a very interesting - but I would prefer it to be an optional feature e.g. to be decided on tresor creation.... ;)

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