Option to choose which file to sync




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    In addition, is it possible to choose what type of files / file extensions to sync? 

    so we dont have to individually select items etc...

    hmmm that's selective sync :p

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    One feature that no-one else seems to provide on desktop versions, but always on mobile is to be able to view all files in the Tresor, even if they are not synced. Dropbox do this on the web obviously, but for me a killer feature would be to browse a Tresor on desktop even if not synced. Unsynced files are otherwise invisible and get forgotten. Selective sync from there is a bigger feature but also awesome.

    This is especially relevant for people with small HDDs (hello Macbook Air).

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    Matt Baker

    Basically, in my opinion, it needs all lots of the features in SyncBack integrated into the app. Option to choose which files/folders replace which after a sync is run manually.

    For me this is the only thing holding me back from cloud storage: unintelligent autosync.

    Would gladly move to a payed package if these features were added.

    Please see attached images for examples.

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